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Stop Putting Up With a Slow Dribble Of Customers From Unpredictable and Erratic Advertising and Super-Charge Your Internet Presence By Dominating The Local Search Engine Results Page by SEO Houston

Maybe you’ve got this great idea of doing SEO Houston for a new service business or service. Heck you may have even become an expert in your field… Are you simply determined to create and grow your own business but you need a SEO Houston marketing strategy?

Finding a way to sell your service cost effectively and create a customer base is just as (or even more!) important than a great idea or expertise.

Click Lead Marketing Can Help You…

Promote a new business or service
Help a struggling business
Build an already successful business to greater growth

How Does Click Lead Marketing Develop a Marketing Plan?

Simple! – Competitive Analysis…
Before any Marketing plan is established, Click Lead Marketing will run a full competitive and competitor analysis on your business. We will identify all of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses so we can strategically structure your marketing campaign to play to all of the found strengths and avoid all of the weaknesses.

Duplicating success in business really is this easy. We will simply find the best business models and follow them. We will need to invest time and money to achieve the ultimate business marketing plan and business model but it is there for the taking. Competitive analysis enables us the ability to take parts from several successful systems and build the most successful marketing model for our clients businesses.

Local SEO, Google My Business Maps for the Small Business Owner

Click Lead marketing will identify all your industry Search Phrases (Keywords) for Local Place and Maps (now called GMB – Google My Business) as well as for SEO efforts.

Search phrases or keywords are the words that your potential customer types into a search engine to find something on the web. Search phrases are words loaded with intent. The intent and popularity of a search phrase are the criteria we use to select our search phrases for search engine optimization.

Search Phrases are the link between you and potential customers.
Choosing ‘Buyer’ keywords to optimize is very important to your SEO success. For a painting company there is no point optimizing your website for the search term ‘how to paint your house’ that’s the painter’s job!

It wouldn’t matter how many visitors that search term sent to your site they are all looking for information on how to do it themselves and they are not looking to hire a contractor. It is much better to pick key phrases and keywords such as painter yourtown, yourtown painter or painting contractor mytown.

You may have even found this website searching the keywords Houston SEO, SEO Houston, Houston marketing experts, Houston Business Consultants or any of the other many Keywords we have optimized this site for. You would not have found this site searching for a keyword ‘how to do SEO’ because we do Houston SEO work – not teach people how to do SEO… Therefore the keywords need to be specific to what you are selling and the type of customer you want.

The Basics of Houston SEO

Good SEO Houston web pages are well organized. They have a main heading and subheadings and the copy, content or words within each heading and subheading are themed to the specific business.

The basic, minimum layout we use when writing a page is main heading with two subheadings. But the more competitive the domain the more elaborate we get. We may have main heading and 4 or 5 sub headings with nested sub headings in the sub headings and sub headings in the sub–sub headings.

Why so much focus on the headings? First of all the search engines put more weight on the words that are in the headings. So we always put our main keyword in the main heading.


Our secondary and latent semantic keywords are put into the sub and sub-sub headings.
Headings on web pages are designated with the html tags of H1, H2, H3. Etc.The H1 tag is the top heading.

Latent semantic keywords are the words Google expects to find on the webpage relating to your business words and phrases that they would expect to find together. For example – When reading about Houston SEO and search engine optimization you would expect to see words and phrases such as “keyword”, “ranking”, “web page”, “Google” -and so does Google. The presence of latent semantic words in your copy helps to validate the content and legitimacy of your web pages in the eyes of the big G…

I already warned you this was the geeky part but if you’re interested read on if not hit the Contact Us button and let’s get started with your business.

Any pages in error will be removed from the website, crawl errors, check the robots.txt, check duplicate content, check duplicate meta-tags, geographic targeting to the correct country/state/city location, update the site map, increase relevancy of any existing keywords, have the maximum amount of internal linking for all pages, make the complete structure of the website SEO friendly, low-quality page check, Google plus page creation, contact page creation, thank you page after contact page.

On page checklist, title description, keywords targets, landing page, missing title, non-informative title, contextual linking, all tags, footer links, canonical issues, HTML site map, XML site map, KML file, content check, Google Webmaster, Google analytics, Bing Webmaster, check forms, check thank you page link, broken link check, browser compatibility, cross browser compatibility, IP address check, sub domain creation if any, blog checklist, blog integration, schedule blog posting….Told ya – Geeky stuff…

Your competitors won’t do all/any of this!