Local Maps SEO

Google My Business Maps GETS local businesses MORE Calls and MORE Customers and beats ANY offline marketing method for local businesses

Google + Local pages now called GMB or Google My Business give any local business an immediate edge when marketing to the local area. It shows on the first page of search results if properly optimized, allows users to see your map location, opening hours and payment forms as well as read and leave reviews. It boosts your main organic SEO rankings for your main website and leads to more highly targeted local traffic.

The great thing about Google My Business is that it is essentially democratic and designed to give the true local business owner the edge over larger corporations who have Internet presence but not locally based.

In some cases – GMB takes up 50% of the results space of the first page.

According to Google – 97% of consumers use online sources to research products and services in their local area.

83% of local search WILL result in a visit or phone call to one of the listings.

90% of people searching online WILL NOT look past the first search results page.

50% of all local searches are done on a mobile device.

With more than 1 billion Smartphone’s around the world, expected to rise to 2 billion by 2015 – mobile is quickly becoming THE number one way YOUR customer searches for you…

A Google Places listing is very important particularly to those companies who are looking for local customers or whose customers primarily search locally (for example, dentists, dog trainers, pizza and accountants etc.).

In order to create an entry on Google Places, you will need a Google account and provide comprehensive information about your company by using photos or videos and detailed informative text.

Here are some important Ranking factors for Google My Business.

Keyword Relevancy & Services Provided – Are You Only Optimizing For 1 Keyword in Your Market & Are You Using Google’s Organization Structure Inside Of Your Google Places And Your Website?

Your Website’s Content, Structure, Design & Analytics -How long do your visitors stay on your page?

Website SEO strategy -This is the key component to your Ranking On Google Places.

Geo-Tagging Your Business In Both GMB & On Your Website

Citations are also crucial…make sure you have your citations information the same across online directories and even make sure it’s on your website.

At Click Lead Marketing we focus on the BEST PRACTICES of Profiles, Citations and Reviews


Establish Profile Authority

Follow Google’s Best Practices.

Verify and Claim your Listings

Claim at least Google, Bing, Yahoo and Superpages

Complete all info thoroughly, including clear, long, excellent description (Basic and Enhanced Information)

Establish NAP format

Use email-matching domain to register account

Establish photo shoots with Google when possible. Always upload at least 5 pictures

Use images and video, (walk-through, testimonials)

Establish Service area

Real Address, No UPS or PO Boxes

Consider implications of Walk-in versus Service Based

Stay Away from:

Violating Google’s Suggestions

Using 800 Numbers

Using Phone Number Tracking

P.O. / UPS Boxes

Multiple Place Pages / location

Duplicate Phone on Multiple Place Pages


Implement a Review Acquisition System

Professional Service offices should create a ‘Thank You’ post card when a thank you mentioned in the office, including instructions to leave a review on Zagat.

Properly train employees to have a lending ear for positive feedback from customers, patients and clients.

Encourage positive customers to leave a review online.

Do not solicit reviews. Only ask to leave a digital review if a verbal unsolicited testimonial is provided.


Acquire citations from at least the following sources.

Public Sources

Annual Reports, SEC Information

Federal, State and City Gov’ts

Business Magazines


Postal Service Information

Data Providers & Review Sites



Theme Sites





Yahoo Local

Angie’s List

Judy’s Book